Public Policy
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Public Policy

Vision Statement: All North Dakotans have the economic freedom to live their best life.


Mission Statement: To inform, develop, and advance public policy that secures economic security and financial freedom for all North Dakotans.


Statement of Association and Purpose: The North Dakota Economic Security and Prosperity Alliance (NDESPA) is a collaborative of diverse organizations operating by consensus that exists to inform, develop, and advance public policies that secure economic security and financial freedom for all North Dakotans to live their best life.


NDESPA is a safe haven granting all partners the freedom and flexibility to advance their own actions, independently or with other partners. NDESPA operates by consensus, where no relevant topic is excluded, no discussion is prematurely ended, all opinions are respected, creativity is encouraged, and differences are explored to unearth common ground.


When action is taken in NDESPA’s name, each partner has the ability to opt out of the action. If a partner is not in attendance or does not respond to an email when an action is decided upon, their participation and agreement is assumed, based on their willingness to allow others to make the decision with consensus.


Goal #1: ORGANIZATION AND ADVOCACY: Compile, develop, and deploy organizational strategies and advocacy practices that empower NDESPA partners to action.


Goal #2: PARTNER ENGAGEMENT: Establish outreach and communication efforts that invite, support, strengthen, and sustain partner engagement.


Goal #3: AUTHORIZED PUBLIC POLICY INITIATIVES: Public policies around which NDESPA will organize and activate a coordinated membership response.


Goal #4: SOUND GOVERNANCE: Secure sound state-level economic, budgetary, and governance policies that ensure a transparent, ethical, and effectual state government.

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