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Since its formation, NDESPA has worked to educate the public and policymakers about the prevalence of poverty and to work toward public policy solutions for those in North Dakota who continue to struggle to make ends meet, even in this time of great prosperity. NDESPA believes that finding ways to end poverty for all people in North Dakota is within reach.
Poverty Data: The fact of the matter is that 1 in 8 North Dakota people live below the poverty line ($10,830 for a single individual and $22,050 for a family of 4). Over the past decade, poverty rates in North Dakota have remained relatively flat, despite increasing per capita and median incomes. However, the rate increases in 2009 and 2010 marked the first statistically significant increase since 2004.
Looking at poverty in another way, 81,000 people in our state live in poverty (12.5%). Of that number, over 24,000 are children and 10,000 are elderly. While most people in poverty in North Dakota live in urban areas, over 11,000 of our rural citizens struggle daily and monthly to meet their needs, many of who are Native Americans.
While this data might not be particularly surprising, another fact might be: 76% of all low-income families hold paid employment. They have jobs, earn money and pay taxes. It's just that the money they earn is not enough to meet the needs of themselves and their families.

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For more information or sources regarding poverty data in this report, or for questions, please contact Scott Fry at 701-224-0588 Ext 106, NDESPA@agree.org, scottf@agree.org or contact Rose Stoller at 701.224.0588, Ext 101, or at rstoller@agree.org.



NDESPA is an alliance of advocates, organizations and concerned individuals who share in the desire to eliminate poverty in North Dakota and to help build assets for people of low and moderate-income.

Building and sustaining a system of economic security for all North Dakotans.